The Zen Guide to InRoads V8.11 The Locks
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The InRoads Locks are a collection of settings or controls that regulate the output, input or processing of certain InRoads commands. Without fully understanding these locks, and knowing the commands that they relate to, it can be difficult to obtain predictable and consistent results. This book is the most comprehensive guide on the InRoads locks in existence. If you don’t know ALL the InRoads Locks you are operating InRoads at a disadvantage. This book discusses the difference between the ‘toggle’ locks and ‘alternating’ locks. It points out which locks relate to the surface model, which ones relate to the geometry, and which ones relate to corridor modeling. If someone doesn’t have full certainty on what each Lock does, then this is the book that they should own.

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The Zen Guide to InRoads V8.11 The Locks

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